Custom Wood Master Closet

Entry and division of closet into his and her sections:
San Juan Closet_Karen Duncan_26

Custom velvet lined jewelry drawers:
San Juan Closet_Karen Duncan_07

Side of center unit – Custom velvet backed storage for hanging necklaces:
San Juan Closet_Karen Duncan_05

Shoe and boot storage:
San Juan Closet_Karen Duncan_04

Constructing around architectural window:
San Juan Closet_Karen Duncan_03

Her section – short and long hang:
San Juan Closet_Karen Duncan_012

Details, details:
San Juan Closet_Karen Duncan_02

Everything in its place:
San Juan Closet_Karen Duncan_14

His section:
San Juan Closet_Karen Duncan_11

Side of center unit:
San Juan Closet_Karen Duncan_12

Pull-out laundry baskets and dresser drawers:
San Juan Closet_Karen Duncan_24

Combination Pantry & Bar

Karen Duncans Closet_01

Slide-out wine racks and drawers:
Karen Duncans Closet_02

Bar area with wood counter, liquor drawer and ice maker:
Karen Duncans Closet_03

Shallow shelving for jars and bottles:
Karen Duncans Closet_04

Storage for overflow bakeware:
Karen Duncans Closet_05

Slide-out wine racks:
Karen Duncans Closet_07

Slide-out drawers for snacks and bulk items:
Karen Duncans Closet_08

View from back of pantry and bar:
Karen Duncans Closet_09

Utilizing space behind door:
Karen Duncans Closet_10

Pull-out liquor drawer:
Karen Duncans Closet_13

Pull-out liquor drawer:
Karen Duncans Closet_14

Liquor and bar accessories:
Karen Duncans Closet_24