Karen Duncan charges $80 per hour. Her team members are billed at lower rates.  Please call 904-955-7346 or email kpduncan@jacksonvilleorganizer.com for pricing.  Checks, cash, and major credit cards are accepted.

With the hourly rate, clients can expect to receive the following services-

  • Consulting
  • Designing
  • Shopping
  • Organizing

Karen and her team collaborate with clients in many ways. Some clients are involved throughout the entire organization process and others request that Karen and her team coordinate and complete the project for them.

Ms. Duncan’s responsibilities may include removing items and transporting them to storage facilities. She and her team also works with designers and sub-contractors to design and build a space into something functional and beautiful. She calls upon a list of trustworthy and quality sub-contractors with whom she has collaborated for numerous projects in the past.